The Core of 1952....Fath, Belt, Cross, and Fodey--Terriers All.
"I'll drink to that!!"  says Ben.
"Fearless" Ed Mintun and lovely wife Opal, with Ed demonstrating how to tie a proper Windsor Knot.
Bob Conners was our Master of Ceremonies.
Coach McQuade, Fr. McAlister, and two interested observers.
Tom Keefe, The Morning Monarch, and Henry Nini.
President Nobile awarded an Aquinas Jacket for his great work.
Jeaninne Vogel, Nancy Fath, and Friend, with Gary Sigrist looking on.
Note the Freshman Beanie on that man's head....classic.
Diana and Eddie Clarke and Fr. Ambrose

Patty Sigrist and Mr. and Mrs. Dick Deibel
"It's been a long time since I wore a green tie, boys...I'm used to that 'Nehru' look.", says Jim Mentel
Treasurer Paul  Nobile  taking control
Bob Conners introducing Fr. Vaughn
Tom Benadum instructs on how to correctly tie a Windsor
A room full of Terriers A Good time was had by all
General Dan Petrosky, Class of '62
Bruno Masdea plays "Taps" for our fallen bretheren.  
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Jim Vogel and Jim Reiser
Gary and Patty Sigrist, with Jimmy Ryan walking behind them.
It's easy to relax when it's all over.
One of Aquinas' Best, Jim Reiser
 2018  Father McAlister and Fr Stephen Alcott
100th Anniversary Dinner--October 8th, 2005
2018 Father Alcot and Father McAlister